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A family heirloom in the making.. The height charts are 2 mtrs tall and suitable for even Dad to be measured!  

So many times I have been decorating people's houses and have come across height charts carved into the door frame.  Often, I am asked to paint around them so they can be kept but it does look pretty unsightly.  Times when I have been asked to paint over them have resulted in the children being really upset, which got me thinking!

Make a height chart that can be kept and moved from house to house if necessary.

My height charts are made totally to order in any design you choose, all hand cut from top quality wood, handpainted and designed and totally unique to your family.

The daughter of my last customer said:

"Mummy, this is my bestest thing I have ever seen in my life - can I keep this forever and measure my children when I have them too.. I want six children and I can mark all their sizes on it"  Jessica age 7

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Personalised Wooden Family Height Chart

Personalised Wooden Family Height Chart - £75.00

Wooden Height Chart

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