Pet Portraits A4 Labrador

Pet Portraits A4 Labrador


Pet Portraits A4 Labrador

This is Molly, sadly she passed away and her owner, Ebony, was devastated. When I showed her, she broke down in tears, along with her children and her mother who all came to collect her.  They have hung her above where her bed used to be in pride of place and now they feel like she is with them..

This made me cry too.. very emotional.

Done in watercolour with the collar clips in silver relief outliner.  The nose has been textured using the 'salt' technique.

So.. simply

Send me a photograph or an email of your pet and I will paint an impression of him or her for you in watercolour with a freeflowing effect adding different mediums where I can.  

The paintings are colourful and fun and subject to artist licence.

Your pets name can be written in calligraphy in the right hand corner on request.

Your painting will be framed in either a black or white frame on request


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Quantity:  at  £125.00  each