Graffiti Class



 Grafitti Classes for age 8 to adult


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 Grafitti all boards


Create your own grafitti design on a large blank white board with enough room to use your creativity and have some serious fun!

All materials will be supplied and light refreshments too - face mask, aprons, large board, spray paints, cutting utencils, stencil paper etc., and the finished product can be taken home with you.

I have a collection of really cool Banksy style stencils too.  Each lesson will start with a comprehensive study on the safety and correct use of the medium along with a talk on the right and wrong places to spray.  This educates from a young age and creates awareness and respect.


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£25.00 per hour for a group lesson or £35 individual lesson

Birthday Parties maximum 12 @ £25.00 per head for two hours


Design your own T-Shirt

Cassidys T-shirt  butterfly t-shirt  

For children age 4 upwards, how about designing your very own t-shirt with indoor GraffitiSpray and 3D paint?  Fantastic stencil designs available to create a magical T-shirt designed and created all by yourself

Good for all weathers


All classes are also available for adults "Such Fun!"

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