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Shabby Chic Lesson  


Ever fancied brightening up that old yellowing cabinet or tatty chair in the corner of the room... well, here is your chance, I am running Shabby Chic classes, for any age, to teach you the techniques to making your furntiure look amazing, bringing it into the 21st century!  

I offer a creative workshop on how to give new life to your old, dull furniture. I will teach you how to to achieve the "Shabby Chic" effect, from preparation to wax finish that you will be proud of.

If you prefer to come to my workshop, bring with you a small piece of furniture like a frame, mirror, drawer or shelf (no bigger than approx 35 x 20 x 15").  Please ensure that the item is clean from grease.

All other materials will be supplied on the day

Book now, prices start from £50/hour  (which ususally run over)  for a private lesson.

Call me now on 07568 519192

I can help you upholster and recreate something really special and if you don't fancy doing it yourself, I offer my services and can come to your home to do it for you - prices on request 

"Bethany painted my old pine bed, old dark wood chair and welsh dresser and did a top job on all of it.  It looks absolutely amazing and has freshened up furniture that I was about to throw on the skip!  Thank you so much, each item is now treasured.  I would recommend Bethany's services very highly" Jacqueline Denneford


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